Billing Services by SPS

There are good reasons for not handling your billing yourself

The selection of a suitable and experienced service provider is of enormous importance with outsourcing. When making a selection, it is not only technological competence but also the capability and willingness of assuming business responsibility that must be taken into consideration.

Swiss Post Solutions operates large and highly complex systems typically used in e-commerce and e-business solutions, commissions and manages call centers, payment service providers and other service providers involved in the business process and takes end-to-end responsibility for all underlying customer management processes.

In business process outsourcing of order-to-cash processes we focus on billing: both technical operation of the overall solution with platform and application management and technical support, as well as the implementation and operation of your processes in process and service management.

We are already successfully providing billing services for companies in the telecommunications and energy industry in the areas of mediation, rating and charging including accounts receivable management.

Convergent telecommunications services pose additional billing challenges to their providers, without operational billing being a part of their strategic core competency. Billing is a critical point for business success in this regard.

The costs for this can be so high that outsourcing the billing process becomes a more and more reasonable solution.

Swiss Post Solutions offers you concrete solutions: implementation of operational billing all the way up to responsible and comprehensive business process outsourcing, including printing, electronic bill presentment, accounts receivable management and collections. Swiss Post Solutions provides you with a perfectly tailored service for your efficient process chain, enabling you to concentrate on your core competency and value creation.