Billing and Billit

Billit is a standard software solution from Swiss Post Solutions for mediation, rating and billing requirements

It is the job of billing systems to provide and secure continuous flow of revenues. In doing so, Billit® addresses specifically the professional domains Mediation, Rating and Billing in order-to-cash process.(Product Documentation Billit)

Billit® allows for its flexibility and openness to implement billing solutions for various business needs. Both online and traditional batch applications are supported as required.

Billit® was designed as an integrated component of a comprehensive customer care and billing system landscape. The figure shows the functional areas of responsibility within a Customer Care & Billing System (CCBS) and which areas Billit® herein covers (stained dark red).

Billit® offers various interfaces for connecting external systems for in an overall business process integration scenario. Over these Inferfaces existing data can be loaded (eg customer data) to Billit® and can be transmitted over to the downstream systems.

Billit® convinces by:

  • Settlement of various products and services on a converged invoice
  • Consideration of different billing cycles in a bill run
  • Mapping of any customer hierarchies
  • Modeling of products, services and tariffs via DSL (Domain Specific Language)

Mediation, Rating und Billing
The area of mediation receives the billing data and processes it for further processing. Here, the raw data is converted into a Billit®-internal format, filtered if necessary, and passed to the Rating & Billing processes.

Due to the modular design of Billit® - in particular the mediation components - scenarios are possible in which these components without use of downstream billing.

Rating means to identify the unit price of event records and Billing means the composition of the final invoice with prices. In this context among other things base prices, discounts, credit vouchers, etc. needs to be considered, while the rating is provided each event record with a price.

„Designed to integrate“
To use and operate Billit® in a complex Customer Care & Billing environment, Billit® offers different interfaces and integration techniques.

Billit is designed to integrate

For this reason, Billit ® is composed of individual building blocks, which makes a

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Flexibel

Integration at all possible.

System requirements

  • 64-Bit hardware (eg. AMD/Intel x86-64 oder SUN Sparc)
  • 64-Bit operation sytem (eg. Solaris oder Linux)
  • 64-Bit Oracle Client Library
  • Oracle Enterprise 10/11g